Jean-Claude Van Damme Flips Out and Murders a Film Crew in a Funny Action Short by RocketJump

You want sushi?

Filmmaker Freddie Wong and his RocketJump crew have created “Jean-Claude Van Damage,” a funny action short that “sort of” stars Jean-Claude Van Damme. The short shows Jean-Claude in the middle of filming an action movie, but everything goes wrong when he suddenly decides to murder the film crew. RocketJump made the short without Van Damme even having to be on set by inserting green screen footage of him reciting cheesy one-liners, fumbling around with an assault rifle, and going loco with a katana. Behind-the-scenes footage can be viewed on RocketJump’s website.

If you want to add Jean-Claude Van Damme into your own movie, Funny or Die is currently hosting his Make My Movie Challenge. You can download the pre-keyed green screen clips featuring JCVD, make a creative short, and possibly win a cool prize for doing so. All video uploads are due by midnight on March 1st, 2014.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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