January, A Game Where You Catch Musical Snowflakes on Your Tongue

January by Disasterpeace

Berkeley, California composer and sound designer Rich Vreeland (aka “Disasterpeace“) has created the awesome flash based music generator and game titled January. It allows you to walk a character around by using the keyboard while catching musical snowflakes on your tongue that fall from the sky. A series of different keystrokes will allow you to change everything from the speed that you walk to the sound that each snowflake makes once it is caught. Rich has also created music for the popular indie video game FEZ.

January is a generative music tool. You walk around and lick snowflakes with your tongue, and the tool uses a set of rules to make choices about what the next note (or notes) will be. It also gives the player freedom to play various types of chords, and choose when and how notes will be played. There are a bunch of advanced features, which you can explore. It was made with Flixel and Flash/AS3.

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