‘Invisible Man’ Liu Bolin Camouflages Himself Into a Mosaic Made Up of 193 United Nations Flags

Liu Bolan UN

In support of The Global Goals, a worldwide organization that seeks to “end poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change”, China’s “Invisible Man” artist Liu Bolan made a beautiful statement when he painted his entire body to match a mosaic that encompassed 193 flags of the United Nations. The Global Goals posted their excitement on their Facebook page.

AMAZING NEWS. The incredible human chameleon, artist Liu Bolin has created an exclusive artwork about the ?#?GlobalGoals?. The artwork ‘The Future’ features Liu against the backdrop of 193 UN flags and will be fully unveiled in a series of United Nations meetings throughout September.

Liu Bolan

Liu Bolan Camo

images via The Global Goals

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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