Inventor Creates a Jet-Powered Go-Kart

Inventor Colin Furze (previously) has created a jet-powered go-kart. Furze is perhaps best known for inventing something similar in 2013: a jet-powered bicycle. Furze has written a detailed post about the go-kart on his website.

So there we have it its done and it flys, Top speed as of yet is around 60mph as you can see in the video but i run out of runway so could be more in it but until i get on a longer runway i won’t know. Everything works great the starting system worked as plan the fuel system once the main throttle was changed to the air pressure pump edition also worked without fault so if i was to build this all again i’d change nothing. Yes the chassis flexes a bit and there is low ground clearance but this never reared its head as a problem and did make the handling very good. The heat shield behind the seat was good enough although i had to change it to stainless as when the jet warms up it expands and can touch the shield so when it was aluminium it actually melted the first layer right through.

Part 1 – Chassis

Part 2 – Controls/Fuel