Indiegogo Life, A New Platform for Personal Fundraising


Indiegogo Life is a new platform for personal fundraising created by Indiegogo that focuses on giving simple tools to people trying to raise money for personal causes like charities, events, or medical bills. In a launch video, Indiegogo founders Danae Ringelmann and Slava Rubin talk about the new platform, its tools, and the types of campaigns it will cater to.

Introducing Indiegogo Life: The easy way to raise money for yourself or someone you love.

Whether it’s a wedding, medical emergency, pet needing veterinary care, or even college tuition, Indiegogo Life is here to help.

Our new service offers tailored features like one-on-one support, and simplified set-up and sharing tools—to make fundraising effortless and easy. There are also no platform fees, so running a fundraiser is free.

We feel it’s important for individuals to have all the funds they need, whenever they need, and it’s our mission to make this happen in the best way possible.

Together we can make a difference—one life at a time.

image via Indiegogo