How To Become a Desaturated Santa

Desaturated Santa, Year 2:

Me & Frank Chu

If you’re heading out to a Santacon event this holiday season, the original desaturated Santa, BrodyQat, has posted a great online tutorial on how to create the desaturated Santa look. Her tutorial is titled “It’s not easy being desaturated” which may be an indication of the difficulty level to create this unique look.

Desaturated Santa costume only works when there are lots of other red Santas for contrast. Otherwise you just look sort of weird and sickly due to the gray body paint, and it’s not immediately obvious what you’re up to. It also doesn’t look as striking at night under artificial light, even with other Santas around.

Desaturated Santa is for daytime SantaCon, in my opinion. It’s way too much time, money and energy to put into without having a lot of other Santas for visual contrast.

image via BrodyQat

photo by BenZero

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff