How to Socialize a Spicy Feral Kitten From the Start

One of the amazing humans of Flatbush Cats, a non-profit feral rescue program in Brooklyn shared how he rescued a litter of kittens who were hiding behind a woodpile where some dangerous work was being performed. He and a team member expertly pulled each of these squalling furry babies out of their safe place, put them in a cage, took them to a foster home and gave them all a bath. All of the kittens were doing well, but one particularly spicy kitty named Franny needed a little bit of more focused time.

During that time, the narrator discovered that Franny was afraid of his hands. To remedy this, he made sure to associate his hands with good things for her such as feeding by hand, treats by hand and lots of petting by hand. Not too long after this socialization, Franny was adopted into a wonderful home with a big feline sister named Maru.