How to Make Realistic Fake Blood in 60 Seconds

Household Hacker demonstrates an easy way to quickly make realistic fake blood.

Here are the instructions:

1. Get 1 teaspoon of flour and drop it in a bowl.
2. Next, half a teaspoon of red food coloring. Put that in the bowl as well.
3. Once you’ve got those two in there, get 1 full tablespoon of corn syrup and pour that bloodsucker in. Look were almost there.
4. Now your gonna put one single solitary drop of blue food coloring in to help darken the color.
5. Stir up your mixture like crazy and in no time it will start looking like Dracula made a deposit in your mixing bowl.
Boom! That’s it! Realistic fake blood… and it’s edible too so don’t worry about getting it in your mouth.