Help Open Source Traveler Noneck Noel Hitchhike To Antarctica

the hitchhiker

Since July of this year Noel A. Hidalgo (aka Noneck Noel) has been traveling around the world on an open source journey, documenting his experiences with free culture, social innovators and global change online at “On The Luck of Seven”.

Noel is currently at the end of the world in Ushuaia, the capital of the Tierra del Fuego province located at the Southern tip of Argentina and he is trying to find a ride to Antarctica. He’s seeking transportation information and advice as well as trying to raise money for the trip. Here’s a video that Noel made on Christmas Day to help get the word out about his attempt to travel to Antarctica.

at the end of the world, the sun has dipped below the horizon and the light has yet to deplete itself of it’s glory. as i sit/stand/lay awake thinking of the year that has passed and the glory that sits beneath our feet, i can’t help see the opportunities that await us. for the past five and a half months i’ve traveled around the world on the promise of visiting seven continents within seven months. i now stand at the foot of antarica and need the internet’s help.

i am one man with many friends. before 7 july, i knew a few of them. now, due to the kindness of strangers i only know their names, faces and hearts. in all of the world’s glory, i know this is a good place. i have not lost the optimism that many others have lost. i know a portion of us stand connected to the thoughts and dreams of the world. i know many more stand connected to the thoughts and dreams of their villages. i now know the difference between the two is less than you think.

Maybe my friend Sandwichgirl can help Noel out with some advice. She’s been traveling to Antarctica since 2003, documenting her experiences there as well as organizing the annual Santarctica events.