Gold Vacuum Costs Nearly a Million Dollars & Has Its Own Rap Song


Model GV62711 from GoVacuum is a limited-edition vacuum cleaner, plated in 24k gold. The Gold GoVacuum GV62711 costs (nearly) a million dollars and even has its own rap theme song. Here’s the story of why it exists.

Green is the color of rebirth and renewal, lucky four-leaf clovers, cunning leprechauns, and the standard outer bag on the most luxurious and expensive vacuum that ever rolled into your living room!

If you’re the type of discerning person who has a yacht in the ocean, and a rare exotic car in your garage alongside your private jet, you’re the perfect customer for the one of the most exclusive products ever created: The GoVacuum GV62711 24k Gold Plated Vacuum Cleaner.


image via UPROXX