Geek Entertainment TV Turns 1000

Geek Entertainment TV

Snarksploitation pioneer Geek Entertainment TV is throwing a big party this Thursday, February 16th to celebrate it’s 1000th subscriber. The event takes at the House of Shields in San Francisco and will feature the hilarious game show $25 Pyramid Scheme (special Geek Edition). More info on

Come celebrate Geek Entertainment TV’s launching of our 1000th subscriber. Yes, that’s right. Barely 3 months old and GETV is getting close to the coveted 1000 spot on someone’s long tail. In monetized eyeball buzzwordology, that’s worth $25! As many drinks as that would buy, we’re not quite ready to sell out. Yet. In other words, no open bar, no free t-shirts, not even a free lick of the toilet mint. What you will get is an excuse to rub elbows with the newly internet famous and maybe even become internet famous yourself for a brief megabit. See the future now.

In the upstairs: $25 Pyramid Scheme | Geek Edition. The version Dick Clark never wanted you to see. From the creators of SF’s sorta favorite bad game show, This Is Jeopardy comes a new endeavor. Bigger Laughs! Zestier Questions! Dumber Contestants! Smaller Prizes! Killer Whales! Comparative Adjective Plural Noun! Come be a contestant!

Confirmed Internet Famous contestants include Ted Rheingold of Dogster/Catster, Caterina Fake of Flickr, Eric Rice of and Irina Slutsky from some video blog. Game begins at 9pm sharp.

photo by Scott Beale (GETV host Irina Slutsky)

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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