Geek Entertainment TV Turns 1000

Geek Entertainment TV

Snarksploitation pioneer Geek Entertainment TV is throwing a big party this Thursday, February 16th to celebrate it’s 1000th subscriber. The event takes at the House of Shields in San Francisco and will feature the hilarious game show $25 Pyramid Scheme (special Geek Edition). More info on

Come celebrate Geek Entertainment TV’s launching of our 1000th subscriber. Yes, that’s right. Barely 3 months old and GETV is getting close to the coveted 1000 spot on someone’s long tail. In monetized eyeball buzzwordology, that’s worth $25! As many drinks as that would buy, we’re not quite ready to sell out. Yet. In other words, no open bar, no free t-shirts, not even a free lick of the toilet mint. What you will get is an excuse to rub elbows with the newly internet famous and maybe even become internet famous yourself for a brief megabit. See the future now.

In the upstairs: $25 Pyramid Scheme | Geek Edition. The version Dick Clark never wanted you to see. From the creators of SF’s sorta favorite bad game show, This Is Jeopardy comes a new endeavor. Bigger Laughs! Zestier Questions! Dumber Contestants! Smaller Prizes! Killer Whales! Comparative Adjective Plural Noun! Come be a contestant!

Confirmed Internet Famous contestants include Ted Rheingold of Dogster/Catster, Caterina Fake of Flickr, Eric Rice of and Irina Slutsky from some video blog. Game begins at 9pm sharp.

photo by Scott Beale (GETV host Irina Slutsky)