Full Turn, Video Installation Featuring Spinning Monitors That Create 3D Animations

“Full Turn” is an ingenious video installation by artist Benjamin Muzzin in which two back-to-back monitors are spun at high speed to create three dimensional animations. Muzzin created the installation as a diploma project at ECAL, an art school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

With this project I wanted to explore the notion of the third dimension, with the desire to try to get out of the usual frame of a flat screen. For this, my work mainly consisted in exploring and experimenting a different device for displaying images, trying to give animations volume in space.

Full Turn by Benjamin Muzzin

Full Turn by Benjamin Muzzin

via Creative Applications Network, prosthetic knowledge, Colossal, thinx, My Modern Metropolis

video via ECAL, GIFs via prosthetic knowledge