Footstickers, Feel The Movement of Your Feet


If you enjoy being barefoot whenever possible, the Footstickers by designer Frieke Severs might just be for you.

There are many advantages of bare feet sporting: better motion control, more feeling in your feet and direct floor contact, etc. In this way you are more grounded and more aware of your feet and movements. Its also a good training for stronger feet. But a disadvantage is the risk of injuries, you can easily twist or slip.

The footsticker improves the activity and keeps the barefoot feeling! The flexible material is like a second skin, the ‘skin / touch sensation’ is not disabled. The footsticker can give more grip, support and protection. There are glues in development that are washable and make it a sustainable product, there is also an adhesive (based on the proteins of a blue mussel) which continues to adhere during sweating. A trained foot is desirable or build-up a schedule for injuries to occur. Through a 3D foot scan the footsticker can be adjusted on everyone’s personal list of requirements, feet and sporting choice.

via Wired Gadget Lab