Filmmaker Creates Touching Video to Find Potential Suitors for His Awesome Mom

Single guys who love tennis and beer, take note: Eva is single and looking for love.

Eva, mother of Norwegian filmmaker Alex Lyngaas, hasn’t had much luck in the dating world. As a loving son, Alex took matters into his own hands and created a touching video called “Looking for Adam” (as in Adam and Eva) to reach out to the world and let potential suitors know how great his mother is. The response so far has been encouraging, as Eva has received messages from interested potential partners as well as friendly messages of encouragement. Alex spoke with Cosmopolitan about his hopes for the video.

I don’t have any expectations and I’m so grateful because already it makes me happy that if she’s ever having a bad day, she can just open her email inbox and see how many people love her. If the video finds mom a man, that’s great, but I hope that the video also just encourages people to embrace each other.

Rebecca Escamilla
Rebecca Escamilla

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