Farewell Kimber Streams, Laughing Squid Contributing Editor

Our contributing editor Kimber Streams is moving on, so today is her last day at Laughing Squid. All of us here want to give her a big thanks for all her awesome posts over the last year and wish her best of luck at her new gig. And now, I turn you over to Kimber…

Scott Beale, Founder, Publisher & Editor-In-Chief

Since joining Laughing Squid in February 2013, I’ve had the privilege of working with an awesome team of bloggers as both a writer and an editor. Beginning in February, I will be joining the PC team at The Wirecutter. As such, today is my last day at Laughing Squid. I’d like to wish Laughing Squid and everyone I had the honor to work with during my time here all the best! Farewell my tentacled friends!

Kimber Streams