Faraday Future Reveals the FF91 Electric Car With High-Tech Features and Impressive Driving Range

Faraday Future revealed the FF91 electric car at CES 2017. The car “may not be a car at all” according to the hour-long presentation that covered the car’s high-tech features like self-driving and parking capabilities, sensors that identify the driver and the ability to learn driver preferences over time, and perhaps most importantly a 130 kWh battery that gives the car an EPA estimated range of 378 miles per charge.

The car’s powerful engine has 1050 horsepower and can take the car from 0-60mph in just 2.39 seconds, and the home charging kit included with the car can give drivers a 50% charge in 4.5 hours with a 240V connection.

The company is now taking reservations and offering customers the ability to customize their vehicle when production begins.