Famous Album Covers Recreated Using Socks

Pink Floyd

At the Tumblr blog, Famous album covers recreated with my socks, album covers like Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon or The Smiths’ Meat is Murder are recreated using socks.

A recent post explains some of the motivation behind the project:

1. “You must have nothing to do!” “You must be really bored!” “You have no life!”
– Not really, I have a busy and happy life. Spending a few minutes each day doing something a little bit creative is really good for you.
2. “Why socks?!”
– A flippant remark became a challenge. Sometimes to limit oneself can give great creative opportunities. And I have fuck loads of socks.
3. “What’s the point?!”
– Does there need to be one? Seriously, why do people need to dismiss things so harshly. It’s a creative outlet for the music geek inside. Increasingly album art is being relegated to being a tiny thumbnail on a computer; I’m holding up some beautiful examples of album art. If you know the album in question you will most probably instantly recognize my recreation. And the best result? You think, “I haven’t listened to that record in ages!” and play it.

Velvet Underground

Voodoo Lounge

The Smiths

via NPR Fresh Air

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff