Emperor Norton Returns From The Dead and Starts Blogging

Emperor Norton

Emperor Norton I, Emperor of these United States and Protector of Mexico, has apparently risen from the dead and joined the blogosphere with his new blog: “Emperor Norton’s Ministry Of Information”

On Monday the good Emperor wrote about his new platform for political reform:

These United States have been led astray. Those who claim power retain it only through the apathy of the general public. Citizens: set aside petty arguments and squabbles! Ignore false debates created by the oppressive few and demand real answers to real problems.

Returning this Grand Nation to its rightful place in the world is my sole purpose. After careful thought and consideration, I recognize that this is only possible through the action of the people. I claim power, not as a new oppressor, but as a uniting force. I can only point the way. It is you that must take action.

This process will be long. It will only be successful when you encourage your peers to join. We shall start here and now, in this Fine City and build outward. Demonstrate to this city, state and nation that the public will no longer sit idle.

On Tuesday he called for a protest to take place this afternoon in Civic Center Plaza, but then yesterday he became really paranoid, so now he’s remaining in hiding and instead leaving “gifts” around the city today for the citizens of San Francisco. Stay tuned to Josh’s new blog as this bizarre story unfold…