Dragon Lady Cuts Off Her Ears to Help Complete Transformation Into a Diamond Back Rattlesnake

Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa aka the Dragon Lady, a transgender woman who prefers the pronoun “it”, has spent the last 20 years undergoing numerous body modifications in order to transform into an Western diamondback rattlesnake. Most recently, Tiamat removed its ears in order to appear more reptilian. In an interview with Fox 10 Phoenix, Tiamat explained that it considers the rattlesnake to be its real parents after being abandoned by its human parents as a young boy.

I was born to my human mother in the Phoenix area, but I was born to my reptilian parents when my mother and stepfather abandoned me to the woods. My whole transformation today is basically an honor to my reptilian parents which are the rattlesnakes.. the Western Diamondback in particular.

Here’s Tiamat’s transformation as personally documented over the past year.