Doctor Popular Hands Out His Satirical Comic ‘God Hates Dinosaurs’ on the Streets of San Francisco

Earlier in January we posted about God Hates Dinosaurs, an absurdist comic by Doctor Popular that is based on the Christian Chick tracts of Jack T. Chick. Doctor Popular created his comic with the intention of giving it away to strangers (Chick tracts are often similarly distributed). In this mini documentary shot earlier this month by filmmaker Noel Von Joo, Doctor Popular stands in downtown San Francisco with a sign reading “God Hates Dinosaurs” and hands out his comics to passersby. Doc reports that most of his interactions with the public were positive and he got a lot of smiles. Anyone interested in supporting Doctor Popular’s project has a few more hours to contribute to the God Hates Dinosaurs Kickstarter campaign.

photo by bostonbandit

via Doctor Popular