Doctor Mew, Doctor Who-Inspired Cat Illustrations by Jenny Parks

San Francisco-based science illustrator Jenny Parks has creatively mixed felines with science fiction in Doctor Mew, her 2010 illustrated series of Doctor Who-inspired cats. Doctor Mew posters and buttons are available for purchase.

TurnStyle News recently interviewed Parks about Doctor Mew:

Doctor Mew was born years before the new Doctor Who series began in 2006. I was a fan of (perhaps obsessed with) the old show when I was a teenager, and I did a lot of Doctor Who fan art at the time. The inspiration to make them all cats wasn’t something new to me, however. When I was much younger, I started drawing my favorite characters as cats for the simple reason that I didn’t draw people too well yet, so it was natural to me to turn them into cats instead. The logical progression from there once I became a Whovian was to do the same. I did find though, that there was something inherit about the connection between Doctor Who fans and cat lovers, and so I kept improving on the Doctor Mew image until it became the one it is today.

via io9 and Forbidden Planet International

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff