Demolishing A Primitive Hut In Order to Plant a Cassava and Yam Garden With Fire and Simple Tools

The Primitive Technology channel demolished the wattle and daub hut built in 2015 and the sweet potato patch behind it to make room for a large cassava and yam garden. To create the garden a large tree that had fallen on the sweet potato patch had to first be cleared with fire and simple tools, and a fence needed to be constructed to deter large animals from disturbing the plants.

Unfortunately the fence does nothing to stop an Australian brushturkey that has made itself quite at home on the Primitive Technology site.

On returning to the garden, a scrub turkey was seen digging in the mounds. Protected by law, this bird has lost its fear of humans and in this case I’ve semi-domesticated it. Originally it was attracted to soil I dug up for the worms it exposed. I started leaving a pot out with small sweet potatoes in it for it to eat and now it investigates any pottery I leave for food. Now it my visits my projects and will only leave if bored or chased away.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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