David Hasselhoff Dresses in White Linen & Sings a Sexy Ode to Iced Coffee in Music Video Ad

I’m so thirsty for your love, I can’t hide it.

Actor and singer David Hasselhoff dressed in white linen to star in a music video ad titled “Thirsty For Love” to promote Iced Farmhouse Blend coffee (which Ad Age is humorously dubbing “Iced Hoffee“) for New England convenience store chain Cumberland Farms. The campaign is by Boston-based Full Contact Advertising.

Cumberland Farms Farmhouse Blend Iced Coffee is so delicious, so refreshing, that mere words simply do not do it justice. No, it takes much more to adequately convey the overwhelming love that comes from sipping an ice-cold Farmhouse Blend on a hot summer’s day. It takes something truly special. It takes someone truly special. It takes a summer superstar. It takes….David Hasselhoff.


Entertainment Weekly is comparing Hasselhoff’s outfit to the one fictional character David Brent (who is played by Ricky Gervais in the UK Version of “The Office“) wore in “If You Don’t Know me by Now” parody music video.

image via Full Contact Advertising, video 1 by CumberlandFarmsTV, video 2 by littlepieceofchicken

via Ad Age, Entertainment Weekly PopWatch, Foodiggity