Cricket Chirps, Crunchy High Protein Snack Chips Made With Real Cricket Flour

Cricket Chirps

ThinkGeek, no stranger to edible insects, is now carrying Cricket Chirps, a healthy, crunchy snack chip that’s made with cricket flour and comes in three different flavors – BBQ, Cheddar, or Sea Salt. The chips are very high in protein and low in fat, an excellent alternative to meat. When employees at ThinkGeek broke out these chips at the office, not one person recoiled in fear, in fact they quite liked them.

When we busted out these Chirps, we got a totally different reaction. The three tasty flavor varieties (Cheddar, BBQ, and Sea Salt) had even our most bug-skittish coworkers watering at the mouth to try them. The satisfying crispy crunch reminded them of a regular corn chip, and they just couldn’t stop when they found out how healthy these are! Crickets provide almost 50% more protein per calorie than beef, and use 1/2000th the amount of water to produce, so they’re a sustainable alternative to meat, as well.

Cricket Chirps Chips

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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