‘Courtesytable’, A Wooden Picnic-Style Table With Novel Seesaw Seating For Two

People Eating at SeeSaw Table

Dutch designer Marleen Jansen has created the “Courtesytable,” a wooden picnic style table with novel seesaw seating for two that requires the cooperation of both parties to keep the meal in proper balance.

A project, developed after Marleen’s dissertation entitled ‘being forced voluntarily’ on the subject of table manners. How to steer the user of my product? How to prevent people from walking away from the table whilst having dinner? Well, to solve this problem, she created this table with see-saw seating. If one leaves the table, the other diner ends up on the floor.

Imbalanced SeeSaw Table

Angled View

SeeSaw Table - Courtesy Table

images via Marleen Jansen

via Ignant