Combat Juggling Turns Tossing Three Clubs Into a Competitive Team Sport

The latest video by Grantland explores the world of combat juggling, a competitive game that turns the club tossing form of entertainment into a team sport. Unlike more traditional versions of the activity, combat juggling is less concerned with form than with knocking competitors’ pins to the ground. The World Juggling Federation, which has been hosting Major League Combat competitions since 2010, describes the sport thusly:

Major League Combat integrates the skill of juggling three clubs into a team sport where team members must attack and destroy the opposing force’s ability to juggle.

Last year, the sport made an appearance on The Colbert Report, in which the host described it as “the sport for you, if you’ve ever seen someone juggling and thought to yourself, ‘man, I’d like to punch that guy.’ ” The World Juggling Federation’s next Major League Combat competition will be held in December at WJF 9 in Las Vegas.