CNET Interview With Al Jaffee, Creator of the Mad Magazine Fold-In


Seth Rosenblatt recently did a CNET interview with Al Jaffee, creator of the Mad Magazine Fold-In. In issue 515 of Mad Magazine, Al created a fold-in that answers the question “What’s the only thing unavailable on the Internet?”.

How do you make a Fold-In? Do you use a computer? We could see it being complicated.

Al Jaffee: I don’t do anything digitally. Although, if I was much younger and could work with Photoshop, it would cut my time drastically. I paint in gouache and watercolor, and you can’t easily paint over in watercolor. So I have to pretty much nail everything down mentally. I’ve been doing this so long that I don’t even bother with color sketches; I can visualize the colors throughout.