Classic 1934 Bourbon Cocktail Recipe Book Curated by the Brown-Forman Distillery Company of Louisville, Kentucky

Old Kentucky Famed Drinks

Since 2007, September has been designated as the National Bourbon Month and in celebration, Kentucky for Kentucky got their hands on a copy of “How To Make Old Kentucky Famed Drinks“, a wonderful book of 47 classic bourbon cocktails, curated in 1934 by the Brown-Forman Distillery Company of Louisville, Kentucky. From all appearances, the book had been included with the purchase of Brown-Forman spirit.

This cocktail book measures in at a small 2”x4” but is a discovery that’s going to serve us all up right with 47 delicious bourbon cocktails. Published a year after the repeal of the 18th amendment, this little book gave Kentuckians a go-to guide for mixing bourbon—and now we’re ready to crack into the archives and let this little guide transport us back to our roots.

Bottoms up!

Brown-Forman Do's and Don'ts

Prince's Own Recipe

Wynn-Stay Club Whiskey Cocktail

Old South Smash

Cocktails for the Ladies

Flu Cocktail

Unusual Cocktails

images via Kentucky for Kentucky

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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