Cat Beards, A Photo Meme Where People Place a Cat in Front of Their Face to Make a Furry Beard

Cat Beard

Cat Beards is a purrrfect photo meme where people position their cat’s chin in front of their own face and make it look as if they have a furry beard, mouth and all. Some of the photos have been around for a few years, but the meme has only recently really taken off. You can view more photos of mutant cat beard people online at, Know Your Meme and by searching around in the Instagram tag #CatBeard.

Cat Beard by Dave Rudolph

photo by Dave Rudolph

Cat Beard by Sam Chapel

photo by Sam Chapel

Cat Beard

Cat Beard by Zulfadli Isa

photo by Zulfadli Isa

Cat Beard by Julia Budaeva

photo by Julia Budaeva

Cat Beard by Cee Please

photo by Cee Please

Cat Beard

Car Beard by Elizabeth Sevilla

photo by Elizabeth Sevilla

Cat Beard by mr_seltzer

photo by mr_seltzer

Cat Beard by Briana Nguyen

photo by Briana Nguyen

Cat Beard by Jen Hardiman

photo by Jen Hardiman

Cat Beard by bestill_foramoment

photo by bestill_foramoment

images via Cat-Beard, Catasters, My View, Not Yours. and Statigram

Thanks Nick Lacke!