Actor Bryan Cranston Opens Up About an Event In His Life That Prepared Him for ‘Breaking Bad’

In a wonderful interview with Big Think for his new book “A Life in Parts“, actor Bryan Cranston, who is known for playing very distinct characters, including that of Walter White in the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad for five sublime seasons. Cranston graciously shared the story of an event in his life that helped him prepare for such a challenging and emotional role. It had to do with a woman named Ava who dragged him into her drug-addled, needy life.

And then I realized there was something off about her. And what was off about her is that she was addicted to drugs. But I never knew exactly what kind of drugs. I was really very ignorant about drugs because I was on that track to become a police officer and I just never indulged. I’d smoke pot once in a while but it was never my thing so it didn’t appeal to me. And I’ve never done any other drug than that. So I was very ignorant on that but I noticed her behavior was different. She would be sweating one moment and then she’s fine and then she’s down and then she’s up. IT’s like there’s something very strange going on. And I tried to get out of the relationship and she was so powerful she refused the breakup.