Brand New, Bruce Yan’s Solo Art Show of Iconic Brands with a Pop Culture Twist at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles

The Mermaid
“The Mermaid”

Brand New is a solo art show by Seattle artist Bruce Yan at Gallery1988 (East) in Los Angeles featuring his illustrations of iconic brands with a pop culture twist. The solo show opened on Saturday, February 1st, 2014 and it will run until Saturday, February 22nd. Bruce’s collection of artwork is available to view and purchase online.

Blockhead Ink Company
“Blockhead Ink Company”

Astro Big Boy Burgers
“Astro Big Boy Burgers”

This Is No Ordinary Apple
“This Is No Ordinary Apple”

Miyazaki Salt
“Miyazaki Salt”

The Marshmallow Man
“The Marshmallow Man”

Brand New

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