Bob Dylan’s Sound Man Shares an Inside Look at the Infamous 1966 World Tour When He Went Electric

As a companion to the highly anticipated, The 1966 Live Recordings – an entire library of every known song from Bob Dylan‘s infamous world tour that year, sound engineer Richard Alderson sat down with Sony Legacy to narrate previously unseen footage taken by Don’t Look Back director D.A. Pennebaker. Alderson spoke about what happened behind-the-scenes during the legendary tour, how he worked with the artist, the complications brought on by Dylan’s desire to go electric and how he help to these iconic recordings come together despite a lack of credit. Alderson also spoke with the New York Times.

As the sound man, Mr. Alderson had a front-row seat on the historic tour. In an interview with The New York Times, and in a short film made by the record company, he reminisced about the demands of the job and the perplexing crowd reactions. …A particular challenge of the 1966 tour, Mr. Alderson said, was building a sound system at a time when most theaters were ill equipped for a loud, amplified band.

via The New York Times