50 Big Hearted Bikers Escort a Teased Boy to His School to Send a Strong Message Against Bullying

In an empowering episode of “The Unsung“, MassMutual collaborated with Great Big Story to share the story of a young boy named Phil Mick in Auburn, Indiana, who began getting sick and avoiding school due to the daily harassment he endured from other kids. His mom turned to the United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, a group of big hearted bikers who seek to do good within their community whom she’d met a year ago, for help. The call was made on on Mick’s first day of middle school, he had an escort of 50 bikers in full regalia helping him take a stand against bullying. As biker Brent Warfield put it, it’s all about love.

We love Phil and we’re so glad to see him and help him, but it’s about the bigger picture …It’s about all the kids out there getting picked on and bullied. We are here for you. …You don’t see enough of the good stories — people coming together and doing good things for each other…But the simplest, kindest act can mean the most in the world. …Pay attention to your children. Teach your kids empathy. Open your heart up see how you would feel. Love is the answer.