Beautifully Designed Ceramic Origami Dishware

German artists Angelina Erhorn and Stine Paeper of Moji Design have created an absolutely beautiful line of origami-inspired ceramic dishware that includes plates, bowls, snack dishes, cups and espresso mugs that express the signature folds of the delicate paper artistry. Many of these lovely pieces are available through the Moji Design Etsy store.

This tableware is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. It consists of different parts, all folded according to the origins of the origami of square paper. These paper models are embedded in clay and molded with plaster. The folded structure of the paper remains in the plaster mold. Subsequently, the porcelain can be poured into the mold.


Snack plates

espresso mug


A photo posted by Angy & Stine (@moijdesign) on

A photo posted by Angy & Stine (@moijdesign) on

A photo posted by Angy & Stine (@moijdesign) on

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