Bad Chemistry, Chemical Diagrams Break Down Characters From ‘Breaking Bad’

Walter White

Walter White | Tyrant

The creative folks at Shutterstock have made “Bad Chemistry,” a series of chemical diagrams that break down the characteristics of individual characters from Breaking Bad. You can view more diagrams from this collection, which were created “using assets from the Shutterstock library,” at The Shutterstock Blog.

Part two of Breaking Bad‘s final season kicks off in just a few days, and we’re growing increasingly anxious, wondering where the end will take us. For four-and-a-half seasons, we’ve watched the characters grow and change, with no transformation as significant as Walter White’s own personal journey from meek and innocent to ruthless and evil. Years of watching Breaking Bad has taught us which chemical elements combine to make meth, and now, as we await the show’s denouement, we decided to break down the characters in the same way.

Element Chart

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman | Outcast

Walt Jr

Walter White Jr. | Hungry

Gus Fring

Gus Fring | Two-Faced Tyrant

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