Ask A Ninja Live!, Celebrating International Day of the Ninja

Ask A Ninja Live!

In celebration of the International Day of the Ninja, the Ninja from Ask A Ninja will be answering questions from the audience next Wednesday, December 5th at “Ask A Ninja Live!”. The show takes place at The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles and includes special guest performances by Patton Oswalt and Hard ‘n Phirm. Advance tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

The International Day of the Ninja is an ancient celebration of deadliness and sneakiness. It is the only day in which ninjas appear in plain sight and don’t kill everyone that crosses their path. On Wednesday, December 5th, people of all skill levels are encouraged to dress as ninjas, engage in ninja-related activities, and tell people about their amazing and awesome ninja missions. Many have compared International Day of the Ninja to International Talk Like a Pirate Day. There is no comparison. Pirates are silly, drunken fops compared to the incredible and masterful Ninjas.