Artist Embroiders New Life Into Faded Photos by Making Them Anatomically Correct


In her new series “Conceptual 2015“, artist Juana Gómez breathed new life into black-and-white photos by embroidering correct anatomy atop – the pulmonary system over the chest, the veins running through the hand, the muscles onto the face and the brain within the head. Gómez stated on her site that she wanted to focus on the life that exists beneath the skin.

This series explicitly a part of us that we can never see directly, but underlying our daily life processes. These embroideries are based on the repetition of a structure governing the organic and inorganic world, which explains the complexity of the forms that arise in nature. Its iconic shape is the tree, which is replicated in our internal organs, nervous and blood systems in the course of rivers and communication networks and transportation. Constructual theory seeks to explain all these phenomena, whose survival depends on its ability to maximize flow altering its shape.


Central System

Facial Muscles

Pulmonary System

The Hand

images by Juana Gómez

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