Artist Adds Geeky Pop Culture Characters and Objects to Old Thrift Store Paintings

Fall of the Empire - Star Wars
Fall of the Empire” – Star Wars

Rochester, New York artist Dave Pollot has added a great collection of geeky pop culture characters and objects to old paintings that he finds at thrift stores. Prints of his paintings are available to purchase online from his Etsy store. We previously wrote about a similar concept where artists Chris McMahon and Thyrza Segal added monsters to dull thrift store landscape paintings.

Intelligent Design - LEGO
Intelligent Design” – LEGO

Why Not? - Futurama
Why Not?” – Futurama

Stay Puft Man - Ghostbusters
Stay Puft Man” – Ghostbusters

Modern Warfare II - Apple vs. Android
Modern Warfare II” – Apple vs. Android

On a Bender II - Futurama
On a Bender II” – Futurama

images via Dave Pollot Art

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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