Anamanaguchi, Hyper-Active, Hyper-Positive 8-bit Rock

New York’s Anamanaguchi have been killing it this year. With their mix of chiptune melodies with live guitars and drums, the band creates anthemic rock instrumentals with an instantly nostalgic feel. Aside from recently completing the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game, Anamanaguchi have been cranking out some of their best work yet with their Summer singles project. Each single features animated pixel art plus new 2 new downloadable songs or remixes, like the fantastic “R4INBOW IN THE D4RK” remix by Das Racist (Brooklyn duo best known for their nerdy hit “Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell“). An acoustic version of one of these singles, “Airbrushed”, was recorded live on the street by La Blogotheque.

Anamanaguchi, have recently begun their west coast tour and will be playing the 8bitSF show at the DNA Lounge in SF this Sunday night August 29th with other chiptune luminaries such as minusbaby and Crashfaster. Tickets available here.