An Office Cubicle Slowly Self Destructs Over Two Months in a Large Scale Moving Art Installation

From October 6 – December 4, 2016, a fascinating large scale installation of a slowly self-destructing cubicle was featured front and center in the window of the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas. New York City artist Jonathan Schipper created the installation, entitled “Cubicle”, and controlled it by a cable system that moved each piece towards a hole the wall, one millimeter per hour, until its eventual demise. Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley of Walley Films captured this fascinating “living” piece of art in a short film that featured the artist.

Artist Jonathan Schipper’s kinetic installations reveal the otherwise unseen passing of time. During a two-month exhibition Schipper’s latest installation, Cubicle, gradually self-destructed as it funneled into a small hole in the gallery wall. Schipper pays homage to the idea that destruction is a beautiful and necessary part of creativity.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips