An Automatic Skittles Sorting Machine

Earlier this year, inventor Brian Egenriether created a Skittles Sorting Machine, an automated device that separates the candy rainbow by individual color using a sophisticated detection system. Watch this video to see it in action.

…It uses a BASIC Stamp 2 and 3 servos for actuation. An IR LED and phototransistor are used to stop the turnstile in position. I fabricated many of the parts from epoxy including the body, the turnstile, the chute header, etc. The base is wood and the funnel is from a hummingbird feeder. The rest is made from telescope parts and PVC.

I’ve made some recent modifications to the machine. Now the color detection stage is visible and I painted some previously unfinished parts.


Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff