Amazing LEGO Set Based on the X-Men’s Iconic X-Mansion Proposed to Become an Official Product

LEGO X-Mansion

LEGO artists Glen Bricker and DarthKy have created an amazing LEGO set based on the X-Men‘s iconic X-Mansion. To help Glen and DarthKy have their set become an official LEGO product, you can vote and become one of his 10,000 needed supporters at LEGO CUUSOO. You can view more photos of the X-Mansion set on Flickr.

The intent of this project is to campaign Lego and Marvel to produce a Lego set worthy of representing one of the most famous institutions in the history of Comic Books, the X-Mansion. When this model is closed in the “storage” it remains a handsome display while taking up a minimum footprint. However, the sides of this modular fold open along a vertical axis creating the distinctive wings to the classic X-mansion.

Mansion with figs

Beast and his lab

Xavier Office

Cerebro and observation deck

Danger room compilation

Mansion populated staircase

images via Glen Bricker

via Super Punch

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