A Video Essay Exploring the Cinematographic Techniques Used by Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver

The Eyes of TAXI DRIVER” is a video essay, created by Jacob T. Swinney for Fandor Keyframe, that explores the cinematographic techniques used by director Martin Scorsese in his 1976 film Taxi Driver.

What makes Taxi Driver so great? It’s been forty years since its breathtaking vision of urban violence and decay first caused a stir with critics and audiences. Why is it still cherished by filmmakers and often regarded as one of the greatest films of all time? One of the main reasons why it entraps us and stays with us long after its final credits is its distinctive subjectivity. The idea of subjectivity is not exclusive to Taxi Driver in the world of filmmaking, but Taxi Driver uses subjectivity to perfection. Using an array of cinematographic techniques, director Martin Scorsese crafted a highly stylized world centered around a single unforgettable character, Travis Bickle. (read more)

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