A Remix of the Missy Elliot Rap Song ‘Work It’ With Original Lyrics That Celebrate the Joy of Hanukkah

Rapper G Wolf has remixed the classic 2009 Missy Elliot hip hop song “Work It” with original lyrics that celebrate the joy of Hanukkah.

Bought a camel on Birthright now I ride gangsta
Just to make y’all think that I’ve gone meshuggah
Admit it I’m a schmooze and a mensch ya ya
Please don’t feed me any pork cause I keep it Kosher.

Why you lookin at me like “Oy vey”
See you lookin at me like “Oy vey”
So much drama in the world, can’t we just play nice?
We just trying to celebrate the festival of lights!

The original Missy Elliot version of the song.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips