A Hyperlapse Video Showing the Four Seasons Changing in Krakow, Poland

Timelapse Media filmmaker Piotr Wancerz took 15,000 shots over the course of 14 months to create a two-minute hyperlapse video of his hometown of Krakow, Poland. The result is Krakow 4 Seasons, a time lapse exploration on the effects of winter, spring, summer and fall on the landscape of Poland’s second largest city.

Sitting beside my camera as it clicks away allows a lot of time to think. So I was sitting there, watching another sunset, and thinking about what to do next. How to take what I do a step further. How to surprise people. How to surprise myself. And most important — how to challenge myself. So I decided to make a video nobody has made before: four seasons changing in front of your eyes.

via Matador Networks, F-Stoppers, PetaPixel