A Half-Sized Steampunk Themed R2-D2 Unit at Maker Faire Austin

Caleb Kraft recently interviewed Tim Fredoluco at Maker Faire Austin 2016 and took a close look at the awesome half-sized steampunk themed R2-D2 unit he built that “was rolling around, beeping and booping” on the show floor.

R2 kind of happened as an accident. As Tim explained, he was just doing a simple sculpture that ended up looking a lot like R2’s foot. Once he noticed that, he just couldn’t stop. The droid is constructed from many found materials and many, many, hours of Tim’s hard work. As you look around the robot you can spot things like boat compases, a lazy susan, drain wrenches, motorcycle fuel lines and more. Surprisingly, all of these things seem to come together and look perfect on the wood-slat body.

This may not be the most movie correct version of R2, but for me it was a welcome artistic take on the style. (read more)


photo via Make:

Justin Page
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