3NES, Art Show Tribute to Nintendo’s Most Popular Video Games at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn

Wa-Wa-Wario by Cig Neutron

Wa-Wa-Wario” by Cig Neutron

3NES is a group art show organized by illustrator Chogrin Muñoz at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn featuring a variety of artwork honoring three of Nintendo’s most popular video games (Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid). The art show opened on Friday, September 6, 2013 and will run through Sunday, September 22nd. Pieces from 3NES are currently available to purchase online from Bottleneck Gallery.

999 by James White (Signalnoise)

999” by James White (aka “Signalnoise“)

Zelda Stance by James Gilleard

Zelda Stance” by James Gilleard

The Anxious, The Naïve, and The Warrior by Ricardo Chucky

The Anxious, The Naïve, and The Warrior” by Ricardo Chucky

3NES Poster by Ruiz Burgos

3NES exhibition poster by Ruiz Burgos

images via Bottleneck Gallery and credited artists