2013 Build-it-Yourself LEGO Holiday Ornaments by Chris McVeigh

Build-it-Yourself 2013: A Peculiar Police Box

Skilled LEGO builder Chris McVeigh (aka “Powerpig“) has created a fantastic series of recognizable and original LEGO holiday ornaments for others to piece together at home. Chris has ready-to-build LEGO ornament kits available to purchase online from his store. He is also offering downloadable build-it-yourself guides that list off the individual bricks needed for your chosen ornament. You can then use that information to purchase custom brick colors from LEGO’s online Pick a Brick store. We previously wrote about his 2012 collection of build-it-yourself LEGO ornaments.

Build-it-Yourself 2013: Gingerbread Shop

Build-it-Yourself 2013: Millennium Falcon, Death Star, TIE Fighter, and Bounty's Hunter Ornaments

Build it Yourself 2013: All the Lantern Ornaments

A Questionable Block

Build it Yourself 2013: Mini Diamond

images via Chris McVeigh

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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