Build-it-Yourself LEGO Holiday Ornaments by Chris McVeigh

Death Star Ornament by Chris McVeigh

Master LEGO builder Chris McVeigh (aka “Powerpig“) has built a wonderful collection of recognizable and original LEGO holiday ornaments that he makes available for others to piece together at home. Chris has started his annual Build-it-Yourself project back up this year and put the first new LEGO holiday ornament up today, titled The Barrel, with the next three scheduled to be released every six days (November 14, 20 and 26). He supplies the building guides and brick part lists for his Build-it-Yourself LEGO ornaments so that you can then customize colors (if needed) and buy individual bricks from LEGO’s online Pick a Brick store. Chris also has his LEGO ornament builds as ready-to-build kits available to purchase through his online store.

The Barrel Ornament by Chris McVeigh

Millenium Falcon Ornament by Chris McVeigh

Let Them Build Cake! 1 & 2 by Chris McVeigh

LEGO Gingerbread House by Chris McVeigh

Christmas Tree and Santa's Sleigh by Chris McVeigh

LEGO Holiday Ornament by Chris McVeigh

images via Chris McVeigh on Flickr

submitted by Chris McVeigh

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