1970s Las Vegas House Built 26 Feet Underground in Case of Nuclear Blast Listed For Sale


If you’ve been looking for a really unique house in the Las Vegas area, a recently listed one that was intentionally built 26 feet underground may fit the bill. Constructed in 1978, the kitsch-tastic (think Brady Bunch or Madonna Inn style) house at 3970 Spencer Street boasts several bedrooms, three bathrooms, two hot tubs, a swimming pool, a putting green, faux trees and flowers, a dance floor, and lots more. From the street, the property looks like a standard house set in the suburbs but this subterranean home was designed so a family could live for up to a year after a nuclear blast. Las Vegas Review-Journal and Vegas Inc have more details on this super unique home.



yellow room




photos by Christopher DeVargas via Vegas Inc

via Las Vegas Review-Journal, Vegas Inc, MessyNessyChic